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Apartments Miki are placed in the village of Donja Klada situated on the land, only 20 km away from the city of Senj in the Kvarner bay in northern Adriatic. Donja Klada is 200 km away from the Croatian capital of Zagreb, 170 km away from Trieste, 580 km away from Milan, 550 km away from Vienna, 600 km away from Munich, 530 km away from Budapest, 610 km away from Bratislava, etc.

After passing the city of Senj, driving in the direction of south you will reach Sveti Juraj, passing by the turn for Lukovo (through a small tunnel), at which point you are only 10 km away from your destination. Before you turn of the main road, you will drive through the village of Gornja Klada. After the road sign of Donja Klada, make a right turn of the main road in the direction of the sea, drive for 2 km and you are almost in our apartments. After descending into the village you will find yourself next to the sea and a narrow 1 km road will take you directly to your apartment.


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