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Through history, the communication between Starigrad and Lukovo was usually conducted by seaway. After the construction of trail in 1847, the necessary land connection between these two coastal settlements was also established.

The 10-kilometres long path treads through a series of picturesque lagoons with old fishing settlements. The trail was constructed by the local population who were, like the rest of the lowland folks, very skilful in stone carving and laying. This skill is visible on every step you take – in the construction of houses, water tanks, roads and trails, and especially dry walls. Made to withstand time, the rocks were layed one onto another without any binding material whatsoever.

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Dry wall construction technique is not only a cultural and historical treasure, but also an important habitat for various plant and animal species. In its beginning three kilometers, the path towards Donja Klada is well preserved and arranged as an educational trail. It is approximately one meter wide. Except from walking on fresh air, getting acquainted with natural and cultural values of the region, one can also enjoy pleasant views over the surrounding islands of Rab and Goli otok.

On the first part of the trail, starting from Starigrad, leads the bypath towards the old fortification. Favorable and protected position of this fortification enabled constant inhabitancy since prehistoric times, through Roman period over antiquity and the Middle Age to the Modern Age, witnessed by the numerous remnants of material culture.

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The surrounding of the entire path is covered with typical maritime vegetation (macchia, coastal grasslands and rocky land).

How to reach: you can start your trip in Starigrad or Donja Klada. Travelling from Senj, you take the Adriatic main road towards south and after some 24 (i.e. 26) kilometers take the right turn towards Donja Klada (i.e. Starigrad).

The path is intended for walking only.

Distance from Apartments Miki: 2 km via trail. 

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Apartments Miki are placed in the village of Donja Klada situated on the land, only 20 km away from the city of Senj in the Kvarner bay in northern Adriatic.
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