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Pag is one of the largest island in the Adriatic Sea. With its 270 km of coastline is one of the islands with the longest coastal line. On the island of Pag have 26 seats and are as follows: Tovarnele, Lun, Dudići, Jakišnica, Potočnica, Stara Novalja, Novalja, Gajac, Caska, Kustići, Zubovići, Vidalići, Metajna, Kolan, Mandre, Šimuni, Proboj, Košljun, Gorica, Vrčići, Stara Vasa, Dinjška, Miškovići, Povljana, Vlašići, Smokvica.

When in 1969 a bridge was build over Ljubacki gate, the island of Pag is actually a peninsula. Long, 301 meter Pag bridge connects the island with the mainland. Therefore, to the island is not difficult to get because most enables safe travel by car or bus. At the same time, the island of Pag important alternative traffic route from the continental part of Croatia with Dalmatia and vice versa. Except over the bridge to the island of Pag is easy to come and ferry line Žigljen – Prizna. Since the island’s port Žigljen to the continental ferry port Prizna runs only fifteen minutes. There is also a regular boat connection Novalja – Rijeka, as well as regular bus connections of Pag, Novalja, Kolan and Povljane with Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Zagreb.

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The landscape of the island of Pag is very diverse. At the lower areas protected from the gale, from Simon to Tovarnele, rich in plant life. There is growing pine, spruce, fir, mulberry (mulberry), and on Cape Luna and numerous old olive groves. High vegetation on the island rarely. Dominated by small plants resistant to the strong stroke of the wind.

Population of the island has been occupied with cattle breeding, agriculture, fishing, olive growing and beekeeping, and in the town of Pag and the production of salt … Livestock has always had a very important role, but until now only held the sheep breeding, which was and remained one of the most important industries. Sheep is the production of this cheese, skirts, sheep milk, wool and lamb paške. Agriculture is also represented in the branches of activity which are agricultural lands, most covered field, gardens and vineyards. Olive oil is also well-developed agriculture on the island of Pag. Maslinica Luna Eternal inspiration are artists who come in summer, painting unusual curved trees that are mutually intertwined. Are picking olives in October and November, and since picked olives, part of the preparation of salting and canning, but the largest part goes to an oil mill in Luna, where the products are very high quality olive oil. Fishing has also been up to today, the rest developed. Novalja is situated on the side of the island that is open to the sea, so are many fishing boats easily sailed to Rab, Cres and Losinj, and sometimes went to the middle of the Adriatic in search of a large and high quality fish.

Tourism is the most important industry on the island of Pag. Although the first big sweep Pag tourism experienced early sixties XX St., though its beginnings date back much earlier. Thus already in 1929. The first printed tourist brochures for the island. Pag today has around 12,000. tourist beds, and during the summer season in Pag average resident about 50,000 guests. Encourage the development of tourism and development of supporting industries, especially trade and catering. What is concerning the accommodation, tourists have a great selection of private accommodation such as apartments and rooms, and hotel accommodation in the hotels Beach, Pagus, Pearl in the city of Pag and Lodge, Liburnija, Boškinac in Novalja. New luxury hotel, which is in the building is located in Jakišnica. If you are a lover of peace, then the summer of camps that you really have a lot on the island of Pag, and some of them are: Camp “Strasko” in Novalja, Simuni Camp, Camp Holy Spirit, Camp Povljana.

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Entertainment on the island of Pag is something which is abundant in the summer by everywhere. In Novalja, on the beach Zrće has an exclusive night club “Aquarius” in which organized performances from various stars, evening entertainment in the extraordinary surroundings of beach, sea and night. There is also entertainment central “Calypso”, very popular among young people. The town has a number Cafe – bars that during the summer organized special entertainment programs. The central entertainment in the central city of Pag is the club “Vanga” where you can have fun with great music and a top offer of drinks. Night Club “Fifth magazine” in Pagu draw lovers of disco, organized the party – the evening, it offers great drinks, good service and parking space nearby. Guests can be great fun when the various events held throughout the island and they are fishing the evening, etc.

Gastronomy of island Pag is highly quoted and has a long history, paške specialties can be found in most island restaurants. Island restaurants during the summer, offering a well prepared fresh fish, fresh oysters, crabs, but also that the island’s traditional specialties, such as paška lamb and cheese.

Sport activities are also very developed. Novalja, Pag and Povljana have well-maintained football fields, where preparations are being held, a great place match, and where you can and recreational sports. Novalja has twenty tennis courts next to camping “Strasko, in Pag are tennis courts as part of the sports center on Lokunja, right beside the city beach Prosika. Novalja has a modern equipped central “Kastela” with fitness – center, in the city of Pag within the hotel Pagus “there is a fitness – central. Are still the most beautiful sports in the sea where guests can engage in throughout the summer, at all beaches. Mountain can enjoy climbing many hills, and divers in diving in almost all parts of the island’s maritime zone, except in Subchannel, due to strong sea currents, depth and inability to anchor by the shore.

During the summer, as well as numerous excursions larger or smaller ships, which lead to large national park, Plitvice lakes, Krka waterfalls, Kornati and Starigrad – Paklenica. large national park, Plitvice lakes, Krka waterfalls, Kornati and Starigrad – Paklenica.

Distance from Apartments Miki: 36 km (1 h 15 min) via local road E65 + ferry (Prizna – Žignljen / Pag).

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Apartments Miki are placed in the village of Donja Klada situated on the land, only 20 km away from the city of Senj in the Kvarner bay in northern Adriatic.
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