Every foreign citizens have a right on tax return. You have to spend at least 501kn in one day in one shop to be able to get tax return. In order to get a tax return, you have to buy in shops that are clearly marked with “Tax Free” sticker.

Foreign citizen must declare it’s goods in Customs office up to 3 months after purchase. Also, Custom office will ask for Tax-cheque form you can obtain in any Tax-free shop.

To enter Republic of Croatia you must have a valid passport or an identification document that is recognized by Croatia via international contracts. Customs law and rules are in accordance with EU standards. People entering and exiting Republic of Croatia can have a maximum of 15.000kn cash on them.

Any professional and/or technical equipment of higher value must be declared in Custom upon entering Croatia. Dogs and cats must have an international certificate, issued by a veterinarian, that confirms that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies at least 6 months prior entering Croatia.

Croatian currency is kuna. One kuna (kn) equals 100 lipa (lp). You can find banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kn. You can find coins of 1, 2 and 5 kn; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lp.

Foreign currencies can be bought in banks, currency exchanges, post offices, tourist agencies, hotels and camps. You can find currency conversion rates in newspapers or in all places where you can exchange currencies. You can also check it on-line on Croatian National Bank pages. Cashier checks can be used in banks.

There are two banks, a post office and 15 currency exchanges in city of Senj. There are also 5 ATM of the following banks: Erste, Hrvatksa poštanska banka, Privredna banka, Zagrebačka banka – Unicredit group. You can use Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners, American Express and Visa to withdraw cash on those ATMs. You can also find ATM in Sveti Juraj. Hotels and most of the shops, restaurants and agencies accept Mastercard, American Express, Diners and Visa credit cards. Their logos should be visible on the front door or at the cashier.

In Croatia vehicles must drive on the right side of the road. All vehicles must have lights turned on at all times, unless it is daylight saving time when you must have them on only at night. Daylight saving time starts at the end of March and end at the end of October. Motorcycles must have lights turned on at all times.

It is forbidden to use mobile phones while driving. It is mandatory to use seat belt in vehicles. Maximum amount of alcohol in blood is 0.5 ‰. To use a vehicle in Croatia, you must have a valid license and registration documents with insurance against accidence.

Telephone number for road assistance: 1987

Gas stations sell multiple types of gas: Eurosuper BS 95, Eurosuper BS 95 Class, Eurosuper BS 98 Plus Class, Eurodiesel BS, Eurodiesel Class, Diesel blue. You can find more information on gas types and prices at www.ina.hr

Gas stations at Senj:
INA, Filipa Vukasovića 1, Senj, tel: +385914971176
INA, Magistrala bb, Jablanac, +385914971151
Adriaoil, Splitska 3, Senj, +38553885341

Karamba, Pustoša 14, Senj, +38598328783, karamba1@net.hr

Branimir Taxi, Čopićeva ulica 16, Senj, +38559882295, www.bp-tours.hr
O’Connor’s Taxi, Zad magistata 1, Senj, +385989239116
Karamba Taxi, Pustoša 14, Senj, +38598328783

City of Senj has a health center and a pharmacy. The nearest major hospital is in Rijeka.
Foreign citizens are not obligated to pay for medical services if their country has an Agreement of medical services with Croatia.
Foreign citizens are obligated to pay for medical services if their country does not have an Agreement of medical services with Croatia.
Senj also has a veterinary station.

Health Center Senj, Stara cesta 34, Senj, +38553881602, +38553881622
Pharmacy Tomljanović, Dr. Franje Tuđmana 4, Senj, +38553881086
Private dental ordinance Dental Žarkov, Gorica 1, Senj, +38553882623
Veterinary station, M.C. Nehajeva 27, Senj, +38553881404

Croatia country call code +385
Call code for Ličko-senjska County 53
Emergency services 112
Road assistance 1987
Weather forecast +38513832182
Traffic status 072777777
Croatian autoclub +38516611999
City of Senj +38553881162
Post office +38553694644
Erste bank Senj +38572376615
Privredna bank Senj +38553553104
Health center +38553881602
Pharmacy +38553881083
Bus station +38560394394
Port authority +38553881301
Police station Senj +38553675660
Veterinary station Senj +38553881404